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The Pelfe Programming Language is a computer programming language project developing a programming language which offers improved readability and writeability, flexibility, and programmer freedom. The language is written in and compiles to Perl for compatability with the large number of Perl modules that can be used within Pelfe.

The language is based on many Perl ideas, and contains some modifications and additions, such as sigil-less variables which are designed to ease the task of programmming by allowing prefix characters to be ommited.

The compiler is designed to be easy to understand and easy to modify, being written in Perl rather than in a low level language such as C. The compiler uses a multi-pass parser, and seperates the parsing and generation of code allowing for additional backends to be written for the Pelfe compilers CGF (code generation function) backend API. New front end languages can be written as well, to feed into any one of the compile phases.

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